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05 November 2007 @ 01:31 pm
Lo prometido es deuda y aquí os dejo un nuevo set de iconos.
Espero que os gusten y que comenteis.
Besos, Mai.

New set of icons.
Hope you like them and comment
Kisses, Mai

[x] 10 Pirates of the caribbean, at world's end
[x] 15 Grey's Anatomy S4x03
[x] 10 Christina Aguilera
[x] 10 Lost
[x] 05 Harry Potter and the goblet of fire


No hotlink-> No enlazar desde mi sitio.
Comentarios apreciados-> Comments appreciated
Creditos no necesarios-> Credits no necessary
My icons are not bases-> Mis iconos no son bases
Para usar mis iconos pide permiso-> If you take my icons request my permission



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